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OPI at Australian Fashion Week - spring summer 2013/14

Once again, the amazing products of OPI featured on the runway at Australian Fashion Week last month.  Last year, I did a blog with nail looks inspired by the looks and trends featured last year.  I haven't been able to do one of these yet (as I still need to get some of the shades featured these year).  But when I do, I will post a separate blog.  

So for now, I thought I would post a blog of the rundown of shades and looks used (listed by designer), which was published on the OPI Australia website.  

The main nail trends for this year's fashion week were:
- Nudes (particularly the opaques)
- Metallics (in particular, silver/platinum)
- Matte (using OPI's new Matte Top Coat over existing shades)
- Accents of nail art

For more information, which includes details of the fashion, head to

Aurelio Costarella
Two nail designs chosen matched the decorative headpieces; Black nails using OPI’s Black Onyx with OPI Matte top coat and black diamante. The silver nails consisted of OPI’s DS Radiance with Matte Top Coat, then re-applied DS Radiance tip off with OPI’s Which is Witch on the tips. OPI’s Designer Series Radiance featured on the toes.


Bec & Bridge
An exclusive blend design; Nails were a blend of Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, a nude base with OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy, a soft shade of peach.

White Sands
The nails were dramatic and strong, featuring a rich dark chocolate brown, OPI’s Get in the Expresso Lane on both fingers and toes.

Roopa Pemmaraju
The nails complemented the eyeshades with a vibrant orange, OPI’s In My Back Pocket on half of the models and No Room For the Blues a vibrant blue in matte on the other half of the models. Nude matte nails on the toes – OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons using OPI’s Matte Top Coat.

By Johnny
A silver chrome nails by OPI using DS Radiance

Ginger & Smart
An interesting nude matte; OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons in matte, using OPI’s Matte Top Coat.

An exclusive design featuring matte nails; OPI Black Onyx-painted feature thumb toughened up an otherwise buttery-soft matte nude manicure, Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh, with OPI Matte Top Coat.

A classic nude - OPI’s Samoan Sand

Lisa Ho
An exclusive design - OPI's Bubble Bath as the base with 2 thin racing stripes in a blackberry red, OPI's Boggotta Blackberry. The models toes were dipped in OPI’s new Liquid Sand, Stay the Night

Gorgeous metallic green gold; OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard a metallic green gold

Vanishing Elephant.
Very cool matte blue nails, using OPI’s Eurso Euro with OPI’s Matte Top Coat on the tips. 

Gorgeous matte white nails with silver tips, using OPI’s Alpine Snow covered with OPI’s Matte Top Coat, then tipped in sparkling DS Radiance by OPI
Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh by OPI on the model’s feet.

An exclusive silver nail blend; OPI’s DS Radiance followed by a second coat of OPI’s Birthday Babe.

Carla Zampatti
For Carla's pre Fashion Week showing OPI's Did You 'ear About Van Gough were on the models hands and Over the Taupe on their toes. 

All images and information above obtained from the OPI Australia (International Beauty Supplies website) at

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Silk Oil of Morocco - Hair & Skin Treatment - review

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Wash & Daily Moisturising Lotion - review

Last week, we enjoyed a bit of an Indian summer here in South Australia.  I can't believe that I was wearing clothes that I would normally wear in the middle of summer - 3 weeks out from winter!  Despite this warm spell of weather, my skin still looked like it does in the middle of winter, because the air was deceivingly dry and dehydrating.  Combined with a cold spell we had prior to this, my skin has become very stressed - and my hands are the biggest indicator of this.  When my hands become dry, cracked and split, I know that it's time to amp up the skincare on my body and face, as these generally tend to follow next.  I need thicker hand creams, moisturising body washes and more hydrating body lotions.  

So I was very keen to try the AVEENO Daily Moisturising Body Wash and AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion.  Both of these products contain oatmeal - and ingredient which has been been used as far back as the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  I have included some information from AVEENO about the benefits of oats further below.  You may have also seen the recent advertisements for these products, with Jennifer Aniston as the new face of AVEENO.

All the info from AVEENO - Colloidal Oatmeal

AVEENO scientists have developed innovative processes to retain oatmeal's ACTIVE NATURALS.  Active Naturals are ingredients derived from nature and uniquely formulated by Aveeno to optimise the healthy and beautiful appearance of skin.

The role of colloidal oatmeal in skin care
Colloidal oatmeal contains a broad-spectrum of non-denatured active components that provide a number of skin benefits:

- These beneficial components include:
     - proteins: help moisturise and sooth dry skin
     - lipids: replenish skin and help slow moisture loss
     - vitamin E: an antioxidant, which helps fight free radical damage and help prevent aging
     - enzymes: antioxidant properties, nourish skin and help balance pH levels
     - polysaccharides: leave a protective film on the skin to prevent water loss
     - saponins: help lift potentially irritating dirt and oily secretions
     - avenanthramides: anti-irritation benefits

In my experience as a health professional, I learned that when the skin's lipid barrier is impaired, it can lead to skin issues (such as dermatitis).  Therefore it is important to maintain the integrity of this lipid barrier with the use of topical products which help to keep this lipid barrier functioning normally.  The lipid content of oats makes them a useful ingredient to help maintain this barrier and therefore reduce water loss from the skin.

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Body Wash

All the info from AVEENO

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Body Wash cleanses and moisturises for visibly healthy looking skin every time you shower.  This breakthrough formula combines natural colloidal oatmeal - long known to retain moisture and soothe skin - with a unique blend of natural oils and emollients to lock in moisture.  This creamy, lightly fragranced formula lathers gently then rinses clean, resulting in softer, smoother, healthy looking skin long after you shower.  And it's soap-free, dye-free and even gentle enough for sensitive skin.  FOR DAILY USE: Squeeze body wash onto a wet pouf, washcloth or hands.  Work into a rich, creamy lather, then rinse.  FOR SHAVING: Apply by hand as a rich shaving lotion for silky, smooth legs.

RRP: $9.95

My Review

As an overall body wash, I loved many things about this.  The texture is thick and creamy, and it lathers generously.  The feeling on my skin after rinsing and drying off was just what my skin needed - it felt soft, hydrated and moisturised, but there was absolutely no residue whatsoever.  I've tried many body washes and body scrubs that claim to leave the skin moisturised after use, but they leave a horrible oily residue on top of the skin.  The Aveeno Body Wash manages to moisturise the skin without the residue, and it is also long lasting - even the day after, I could feel the improvement in hydration of my skin.

Scent wise, I find it really pleasant - it is fresh, slightly floral, but very modern.  It's actually a very calming, relaxing scent, and reminds me of a Johnson's body wash that I purchased a few years ago, that was designed to be used at night time to help you relax.  The scent does linger for a little, but I personally didn't find it overpowering.

I also used this body wash for shaving as recommended, and it worked brilliantly.  For this method, you don't lather the body wash - you just apply it right out of the bottle, directly onto the skin.  The razor just glided over my skin with easy, and my skin was left feeling much smoother and less irritated after.  

Just a note regarding the ingredient listing - this body wash doesn't have SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), but it does contain sodium laureth sulfate (also known as SLES).  From my personal understanding, SLES is formulated to be less irritating than SLS.  However, for those who have issues with sulfates in general, they might need to check the suitability.  Even though I have occasional flare-ups of eczema, I didn't have any issues with this.

Ingredient listing

The verdict: A richly lathering, hydrating body wash which doesn't leave any residue on the skin.  It's perfect for the colder months when skin feels parched, and works brilliantly as a shaving lotion, to help prevent dryness and irritation from razors.

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion

All the info from AVEENO

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion unlike ordinary lotions, contains natural oatmeal blended with rich emollients to moisturise your skin for a full 24 hours.  The unique oatmeal formula of AVEENO also helps prevent and protect dry skin providing temporary relief of the scaling and chapping associated with dry skin.  This naturally nourishing, nongreasy formula absorbs quickly, is noncomedogenic (won't clog pores), and contains no added fragrance.  AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion leaves your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking.

Clinically proven to:
- Relieve dry skin
- Moisturise for a full 24 hours

RRP: $3.95 (71mL), $9.95 (225mL tube), $12.95 (354mL pump)

My Review

Firstly, I love the convenience of the pump pack that the 354mL size comes in - great for the bedside table or desk.  The consistency of this lotion is on the thicker side of the scale, however it glides beautifully on the skin, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave any residue.  This is a must for me when it comes to body lotions and hand creams - I absolutely dislike having any sort of feeling of lotion on my skin.  

AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion -

This lotion makes my skin feel like it's slurped up a huge drink of water.  And best of all, this hydrated feeling lasts a really long time - as stated on the packaging, 24 hours.  I have been using this lotion a lot on my hands, as they had become extremely dry and cracked last week - to the point of bleeding.  This lotion has really helped, because even after washing my hands, they still feel soft and hydrated.  And they also look less red and irritated.

Although there is no added fragrance to this, you still get the mild scent of the oats.  For some reason, it reminds me a bit of frangipane (almond scent/flavouring), but it's not overpowering.  

Ingredient listing

The verdict: A thick textured, hydrating, but readily absorbed and non-greasy lotion.  The hydration is long lasting, and can even be felt after washing the skin.  Great to use on the hands.

Stockists: Pharmacies and Priceline nationwide

Official website:

These products were generously provided for consideration, and has been reviewed in accordance with Chic Beauty's Disclosure Policy.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are the author's own.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow in 'Nox' - ombre-inspired eye look

The Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow in No.10 "Nox" is one of the shadows which is part of Mirenesse's Boudoir Collection.  I have previously tried their Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows and was impressed, and this particular trio of purples caught my eye, as they are colours which are so on-trend right now.  In addition, these trios make it easy to create an ombre eye look, as the colours are complementary, and you don't have to worry about searching through different shades of eyeshadow to find shades that will work well together.

All the info from Mirenesse

A trio of pure crushed natural minerals that blend seamlessly to create flawless eye with the latest fashion colours. Use wet or dry to create eye defining effects. Infused with a powerful rejuvenating peptide.  Ideal for long lasting professional blend eye makeup. Colours blend together effortlessly to create beautiful eyes.

My Review

This trio contains a sheer white, a vivid purple, and a deep charcoal-purple.  

I use the following steps to create an ombre-inspired eye look:

Step 1: After applying an eyeshadow primer to the entire lid, I apply the white shade, from the inner corner to the middle of the lid.  I like to use a contour brush, which allows a concentrated amount of eyeshadow to be deposited on the eye.  I use either the NARS Contour Brush (pictured), or the Mirenesse Contour Brush.

Step 2: Using the same brush, I apply the vivid purple shade so that it covers the middle to outer corner of the lid.  I start from the outer corner and work inwards, as this then deposits the most amount of colour on the outer corner, and gives a more even gradient effect between the two colours in the middle of the lid.

Step 3: Using a smudge brush (I like to use the Mirenesse Smudge Brush), I apply the dark charcoal purple into the crease, starting from the outer corner & working inwards - just to cover approximately the outer third of the crease line.  The brush is angled directly perpendicular to the crease, so that only the tips of the brush are in contact with the eyelid.

Step 4: After applying into the crease, I then position the brush at the outer corner of the crease again, and then sweep down towards the lashline, creating a 'V' on the outer corner of the lid.

Step 5: I then use the contour brush, or a suitable blending brush, and blend the dark shade inwards into the crease, and also down towards the lashline.  

If needed, I reapply some of the white shade in the inner half of the eye, and some of the vivid purple in the outer half and blend again, until the desired depth and intensity is achieved.  

I apply concealer underneath the eye, and sweep it upwards towards the outer corner of the eye to sharpen the outer edge.  

Finished look:

In terms of the formulation of this shadow trio, I found that the intensity of the pigment and staying power was not quite the same as the regular line of Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows.  I found that I had to go back and reapply the first 2 colours, because they had faded a bit by the time I had finished applying the 3rd colour.  And I always use an eyeshadow primer underneath - both to increase the intensity and staying power of my eyeshadows.  Still, the quality, pigment and lasting power of this trio is much better than some other brands I've tried.

Overall the Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow in Nox is really nice - the colours are beautiful and work well together, and save the hassle of trying to match shades together if you want to create an ombre look.  

Official website: